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At Zulla Surf School we have classes for children and adults of all ages, and even with your Family

We offer a close and professional follow-up, allowing the complete training of the student, from their first class to the advanced level.  

All classes are accompanied by accredited and qualified teachers.

Join us. For an amazing week of surfing. 

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From 24 € per person

1st waves with your family


Surf week with your family


* Surf Equipment and insurance included

* Max 5 people

* Min 4 people

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Book Lesson

In the mood to try a surf lesson?

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Teresa Almeida

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Bodyboard World Champion in 2014, with a degree in Sports, Teresa Almeida has always dreamed of opening a business of this type. A local from Nazaré, he noted his village as a potential investment location for this project. She will help you organize a dream vacation at Zulla Nazaré Surf Village and you will also have the opportunity to take surf lessons with this champion.

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