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A place beyond words. A place to be happy. A place to feel in the tranquility of your own home. This is what the founders of Zulla had in mind when they created this hotel with a surf camp feeling for each of our guests. They brought their own heart and soul and created an original hotel where you can share, relax, take surf lessons, eat, drink and above all have fun. The choice of Nazaré to build this place was quite simple: this is the best surf destination in Europe. Just an hour's drive from Lisbon, Nazaré is a world-famous fishing village with superb culture and the main stage for the biggest wave surfed in the world.

The business arose between two friends, professional bodyboard athletes, a nutritionist, and a sportswoman. The economic and financial situation in Portugal was not the best, the professional much less so, and our connection to the sea and the beach made us create this business. The fact that Nazaré does not have any accommodation with a surf school included was the main reason for its creation, after of course the tourist and economic growth that Nazaré currently presents due to the mythical wave of Praia do Norte (the biggest wave in the world surfed) was the key to our decision. This is the project of our lives and our task is to change the world through the surf lifestyle, creating friendship, surfing, interacting through our yoga classes, healthy food, typical Portuguese food and good vibes. We look at our business as a day-to-day retreat, you can choose to take surf lessons, yoga, wellness retreats or simply relax in our accommodation using our facilities.



Enjoy the comfort of your room or apartment, the tranquility of the sun on our terrace or by the pool and enjoy a fantastic sunset accompanied by a delicious cocktail in our terrace bar. Also appreciate the small details of our decoration. Making things perfect takes time. But we, as surfers, know the importance and rewards of this achievement. Therefore, we live by this philosophy. In our accommodation you will find a place that has been designed to be as perfect as possible. Each room is named after a national wave, originally decorated with a wave from each beach, not only demonstrating the potential of our coast but also the talent of our Portuguese photographers. We've gone beyond classic accommodation to create a home for surfers away from home. ​



Are you ready to stay in one of our surf-inspired rooms just steps from the beach?

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